About us

Transporti d.o.o. is a company with 20 years of business experience in Rijeka, Croatia's biggest transport and logistics centre. Our business name was initially Bleky d.o.o. and in 2015 we changed it to Transporti d.o.o.

Transporti d.o.o offers services of organising the transport of goods through our web service transporti.co, customs representation and customs clearance of goods for import, export and transit, storage of goods, mediation in transport insurance, and business advisory services for transport and logistics.

Our web service transporti.co provides solutions for the full package of logistics services, allowing you to remain fully focused on your core business.

Take advantage of the benefits of the transporti.co online system and find the fastest and most competitive service provider.

Whether you need transport for your goods or you are a transport company and want to fully use the cargo space, Transporti.co is here to help you.

Transporti.co has been designed to fully adapt to your business requirements in the new EU environment. Professionalism, extensive market knowledge, and the company's ambitious plans guarantee a high-quality service.

Transport services

Road transport

Transporti.co offers partial and full track load (FTL) services for goods from all parts of Europe. Our extensive partner network guarantees the best transport option for all types and amounts of goods. We offer the possibility of transport in a temperature-controlled environment, the transport of oversized cargo, and also the transport of dangerous goods (ADR). Please use our daily updated online system to find the fastest and most competitive transport for your goods.

Rail transport

In collaboration with railway companies across Europe, transporti.co ensures the best transport prices. We will be glad to help you find the best type and size of wagon and the best transport route.

Maritime freight

Bleky d.o.o., the parent company of the transporti.co brand, is a reliable marine shipper with many years of experience. We are located in Rijeka, the largest port in Croatia. We are partners with all the major shipping companies, which guarantees high-quality and competitive prices for marine freight services for all types and sizes of freight anywhere in the world.

Combined transport

We can provide multimodal logistics solutions and transport goods between any locations worldwide by combining various types of transportation and all relevant logistics services in order to provide turnkey delivery of goods.

Other services

Customs clearance

We can carry out all types of customs clearance at Port of Rijeka, Škrljevo and Omišalj customs offices, and the clearance of food and drinks at the Rupa border crossing. In addition, we can arrange custom clearance through our partners in other parts of Croatia, Europe and the rest of the world.

We perform the checking and completion of documentation, calculation of customs duties, obtaining of authorisation for certain customs procedures, NCTS transit procedures, ATA carnet procedures, the issue of CMR and EUR.1 forms, the submitting of applications and are present at phytosanitary inspections.

Storage of goods

Transporti.co provides goods storage in bonded and non-bonded warehouses and in the free zone of the Port of Rijeka. We can store palletised and non-palletised goods and goods of non-standard dimensions. We can also provide palletisation, labelling and repacking of goods.

Transport insurance

Transporti.co will provide consultancy and mediation services when concluding transport insurance policies to make sure you get the best cover and do not have to worry about your cargo.

Business consultancy

Transporti.co offers consultancy services for customs clearance and transportation and logistics solutions. We can advise you how to adapt your business to the new EU environment and help you choose the most convenient way to procure and deliver goods. Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed about the latest policies and regulations that you will need to conduct business successfully in the European Union.